Cherry Blossoms for Weddings

By  Bill Gibson  |  16 December 2021
Large cherry blossom tree indoors

Cherry blossom trees are popular for many weddings due to their beauty and elegance. They fit in with many wedding themes and help create the ultimate fairy tale wedding. Perfect for spring weddings or fairy tale or pink themes. They are bright and beautiful and perfect for any part of a wedding such as at the ceremony or reception. Our cherry blossom trees are also available in a gorgeous clean white colour which is perfect for any wedding theme.

Tree Display Ideas

There are so many fun and exciting ways to display cherry blossoms at weddings. We will share some of our favourite ideas with you.

One gorgeous way to add colour and elegance to the wedding reception is by using the trees as a centrepiece for the tables. This can create a magical experience for guests when eating and socialising. It is easy to create a lovely atmosphere at dinner with these elegant trees. When guests look up, they will feel as though they are in an enchanted cherry blossom forest. They look amazing dotted around a room and are beautiful for pictures.

Another great idea is creating a photo opportunity spot with our Moongate Trunk. This is 2 curved tree trunks which you can add cherry blossom branches to in order to create a cherry blossom arch. This is great for photographers to get pictures of guests, or for guests to take pictures themselves to remember the day. You could even set up a phone or tablet on a tripod so anyone could take some timer pictures.

Wedding Planners and Venues

These trees are great for any hotels or wedding venues. If you are looking to find new ways to spruce up the space and create different theme options for weddings, trees can really transform your venue. They are also great for wedding planners as they create a clear theme which many couples may be wanting to have for their wedding.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or commercial enquiries about our range of cherry blossom trees, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our email [email protected] or ring us on +353 1 801 800. Visit our showroom in Dunboyne to view our full range of artificial trees.