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Welcome to ArtificialTrees.ie, the premier and only dedicated artificial tree showroom in Ireland, nestled in Dunboyne, Co. Meath. We're devoted to bringing you the finest quality artificial trees and plants, designed specifically for indoor & outdoor use. Our expansive selection features a multitude of styles and hues to complement every room in your home or business


Wisteria flowers in kitchen


Our collection of artificial plants and flowers offer an effortless and clean approach to infuse any space with the charm of natural beauty. Crafted from superior materials, these faux plants are so lifelike, they'll transform your indoor spaces, demanding no maintenance - a perfect solution for the busy nature lover.

Our range also includes striking artificial potted trees, perfect for encapsulating the serenity of the outdoors within your living or workspace. Their remarkable realism adds a splash of tropical ambiance, demanding no maintenance, and promising to enhance any area you choose to place them in.


Small potted foliage plants in white pots


Besides our potted trees, we take pride in our extensive variety of artificial potted plants in diverse sizes, ideal for enhancing any room, be it in a home, office, public area, hotel, or restaurant. Just like our other offerings, these plants present an effortless, clean, and enduring solution to bring the allure of nature indoors.

A special mention goes to our very own range of OutdoorLiving.ie wall panels and trellises, designed to enhance any space with their elegance and practicality. And a special mention to our dedicated Commercial Team on standby, ready to cater specifically to the needs of businesses.


Small Buxus plant in pot


At ArtificialTrees.ie, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our superior quality artificial trees and plants to include exceptional customer service. We invite you to visit our showroom in Dunboyne, Ireland, and allow us to assist you in bringing the natural beauty indoors with our stunning offerings.

Artificialtrees.ie is part of the OutdoorLiving.ie Company. Please visit our main website online at www.outdoorliving.ie