4.5 ft (140 cm) Pink Cherry Blossom Tree

The Cherry Blossom tree is synonymous with the beautiful city of Kyoto in Japan. It is also very popular through cities throughout Asia in countries such as China and Korea.

Throughout homes and gardens in Ireland, it has gained popularity in recent years due to its stunning bursts of flowers throughout Spring. You can now have the stunning Cherry Blossom look all year round with our new Cherry Blossom artificial tree.

This product has a 7 - 10 working days lead time. Please contact us for more information.


Spring in Japan like Ireland means one thing, the Cherry blossom. Sakura, is the Japanese name for the Cherry blossoms that bloom across Japan starting in Okinawa in February ending in Tokyo in May. If one is lucky enough to be in Japan in spring or during the cherry blossom season you can join the Hanami or flower viewing that takes place in all the parks and woodlands areas. Hanami is one of the time honoured traditions in Japan going back it is thought, to the Nara Period (710-794).

The Cherry blossom season also marking the beginning of the very important rice planting season. Bring part of the centuries old Japanese tradition into your house or conservatory with the unrivalled beauty of the Cherry blossom even the 4ft artificial tree.

Our artificial tree is made from real wood known as NTT or natural tree trunk giving it the look and feel of the real thing. For extra safety, the foliage and blossoms are made from a flame retardant material.