Christmas tree display and adds theme in a cafe

Everyone loves sitting in a cafe with a hot coffee and a tasty cake, catching up with friends or watching the world go by out the window. You want your cafe to inspire this kind of pleasant experience and invite people inside.

Or what about making a statement with the look of your cafe? Making people curious would encourage them to come in and spend time there.

Well, trees and plants are a great way to create a charming and welcoming atmosphere for commercial spaces. But real trees come with a lot of difficulties and potentially time-wasting upkeep.

Here at Outdoor Living, we stock a wide range of artificial trees and plants that give you the same benefits of the real deal, but with a couple more added in for good measure:

They give your cafe a welcoming atmosphere

When drawing customers into your cafe, you want to make as welcoming a first impression as possible. Having vibrant green plants on display inside and outside can help towards creating an inviting atmosphere that people want to spend time in.

Frame your doorway with our Spiral or Boxwood artificial trees. Having two on either side of your door welcomes customers and gives your cafe a modern, symmetrical feel.

Add an authentic look by dotting our artificial potted mint or basil plants around the walls on shelves, so your customers get a rustic, homemade food impression.

Having greenery welcoming people into your cafe gives them somewhere colourful and bright to hang out even when it’s dull outside.

Frosted christmas tree with decorations

You don't need to worry about the season or the weather

Speaking of being dull outside, it’s no secret that our fickle Irish weather doesn’t always let plant life thrive.

But if you invest in artificial plants, you don’t have to worry about then getting over-watered in the rain or dried out in the sun. Artificial plants won’t get ruined in any weather. Many of our synthetic trees are treated to be UV resistant, so there’s even less chance of the weather spoiling them.

You also don’t have to forget about the darker corners of your cafe that might not be able to keep real plants alive. Artificial plants don’t need to be in direct sunlight so you can get the benefits of green, fresh-looking plants even in shadowy spots.

You can change up the look of your plants easily

The seasons don’t just affect the weather. Some commercial areas like to change up the style and type of plants they use depending on the time of year. If this is true of your cafe, then you should consider our multi-branch trees.

These artificial multi-branch trees have interchangeable branches so you can switch up the look of your cafe to suit the time of year.

There are a multitude of options to choose from, with cherry blossoms and wisteria for springtime, apple trees and autumn foliage for the autumn months, or white orchids and frosted holly branches for a wintery or Christmas feel.

Artificial Trees are low maintenance

Unlike real plants, faux plants don’t need any watering, weeding or pruning. In a busy cafe, you don’t have time to spend pruning your beautiful boxwoods to help them keep their shape, or watering each and every potted plant on the tables, so take out all that fuss with artificial plants.

They’re great for areas of high foot traffic which would typically see leaves knocked off real trees as people walk by. They’re durable enough to withstand your staff walking past with coffee as often as they need to.

Baby sitting closely to an artificial Christmas tree

They are environmentally friendly

Because of the low maintenance of synthetic plants and trees, they’re a bit more friendly to the environment than you might think.

There’s no need to use harmful pesticides to keep them healthy, which can often be bad for the environment, or any animals that may get into them. And the fact that you don't have to water them stops you using more of this resource than is absolutely necessary.

Artificial trees and plants don't trigger allergies

You must get a lot of different types of people coming into a cafe, and it’s safe to say that some of them probably suffer from allergies like hay fever.

There are few things worse for a customer than trying to enjoy a coffee or sandwich, but they keep sneezing because there's a plant in front of them. Using fax potted plants on your tables won’t trigger these allergies like real plants would, giving your customers a more enjoyable experience.

We have a great selection of smaller potted plants that would be ideal for adding colour and greenery to your tables without aggravating your customer’s noses. Pink, cream or yellow peonies add a romantic feel, while lilac, blue or white hydrangeas are more calming.

Your cafe could benefit in loads of ways from investing in some synthetic trees and plants. Come down to our Dunboyne showroom to see our full range.