If you’re thinking of redecorating and are looking to try something different, why not think about artificial trees, specifically our MultiBranch trees.

Decorating with artificial trees can easily brighten up an area or add impact to a room. And MultiBranch trees go one step further, adding an element of adaptability so you can change your decor if needed. This is especially handy for commercial spaces that need to adapt to changing tastes throughout the year.

Before we go into detail about the Multi Branch trees, let’s have a quick look at why artificial trees are a good idea compared to real plants.

Benefits of Artificial Trees for Interior Decoration

  • They’re easy to maintain - There’s no watering, feeding or pruning with artificial trees, and no sweeping up dead leaves at the end of the day. A synthetic tree only needs a dusting every now and again to keep it looking its best.
  • They look just like the real thing - High-quality artificial trees, like our MultiBranch trees, are made of materials that look so real your customers and guests won’t be able to tell the difference between them and a real tree.
  • Season and climate don’t matter - Unlike real plants, synthetic trees don’t need specific temperatures or weather to thrive, so they’ll look good all year round. They’re also a great idea for rooms that don’t get much natural light and therefore don’t allow real plants to grow well.

Our collection of MultiBranch artificial trees come with all of these benefits and more.

So, How Do The MultiBranch Trees Work?

1. Choose Your Base:

Start by choosing the style of trunk you want for your tree. We have three styles to choose from:

Straight: A standard tree trunk that suits any and every occasion or style.

Tabletop: Perfect if you’re looking for a smaller tree to use as a table centrepiece at a wedding or on a hotel reception desk.

Canopy: A trunk with an arch at the top for extra visual impact and a floral covering.

2. Choose Your Branches

We stock a large variety of branches for you to pick. From green leaves to pink Cherry Blossom, and cream Hydrangeas, there are branches to suit every style of interior decor. Once you have your chosen branches, they just slot into the base.

3. Change to Suit

The beauty of our MultiBranch trees is in how easy it is to change the look of your tree in no time. Simply slot different branches into the base and you have a whole new tree.

You can change to suit the seasons with holly branches in the winter or cherry blossoms in the spring. Or change up your colour scheme by switching to different coloured branches like the orange Autumn foliage or peach Cherry Blossom.

How to Get the Most Out of Your MultiBranch Trees

Knowing how best to use an artificial tree makes a big difference in how well it will work in the design of your commercial or interior space. Here are a few examples of how to use our MultiBranch trees to get the most out of them.

Welcome Your Customers or Guests

Hotels and restaurants can give people a warm welcome by having a MultiBranch tree in their reception areas. It makes a great first impression and puts your customers at ease that they’re going to have a relaxing and peaceful experience.

Add a Pop of Colour

If your restaurant or bar is looking a bit drab, but you don’t want to go to the bother and expense of changing up the entire interior, adding a MultiBranch artificial tree will brighten it up with little effort.

A pink Cherry Blossom in the corner could add a romantic spark to your restaurant, or an Apple Foliage tree could add a rustic element.

Use as Wedding Decorations

Using a tabletop base, you can create the most stunning table centrepieces that will have your wedding guests in awe. Even better if your venue has high ceilings, as the trees can create an amazing visual spectacle when your guests walk in.

You could also use our canopy bases and some beautiful cherry blossom branches to create a romantic wedding arch to get married under.

Use to Cover Unsightly Parts of Your Space

If there’s a part of your space that you’d rather your customers or guests didn’t see, then covering it with a MultiBranch tree is a great way to keep the place looking pretty. Perhaps there’s a window with a not-so-pretty view of the back alley, or you just want to keep a back door out of sight. An artificial tree is ideal as it hides what you want and adds a spot of beauty.

Highlight an Entryway or Doorway

Maybe you want to do the opposite and draw attention to a doorway. If your hotel bar has a door from the reception area and you want people to know it’s there, frame it with a MultiBranch tree to draw people’s attention. You’re sure to have people flocking to your bar.

Artificial trees are ideal decorations for the interior of your commercial space. They draw people in and make them feel comfortable. And the flexibility of our MultiBranch trees means you don’t have to get bored of the same look all the time.