There is nothing like a plant to brighten up a room or conservatory. Artificial plants will give you all the joy of the real thing with none of the work. They don’t mind the cold, the heat or even not being watered.

You won’t need to watch out for bugs, and your child, or pet, won’t eat it or dig it up! Artificial plants can be used in the garden as well. An instant all year-round garden, how wonderful!

Tropical Paradise

There are hundreds of different varieties, shapes and sizes nearly as many as in nature. You can have a tropical paradise in the middle of winter with a beautiful 5ft Kenya palm which brightens up dark corners.

Even the magnificent Wisteria is available in the iconic purple and lesser-known white variety can instantly appear in the garden. The great thing is, you don’t have to wait for years for the flowers to appear.

Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry Blossom season is getting close and we are looking forward to seeing these magnificent trees on our walks. Sadly, the spectacle is short lived and they are not in bloom for long.

Why not extend this beautiful scene into your home with our stunning pink or white cherry blossoms. They are perfect for bringing life into a space and brightening up your interior.

There are many different shapes to suit your space such as our canopy cherry blossoms or our multibranch trees. These are also perfect for schools, cafes, or hotels.

Smaller Options

If your space is limited, we have many smaller options such as our Bay Laurel ball tree. This tree is much smaller as it is only 2ft tall.

We also offer a range of topiary options. Our Topiary Buxus Boxwood Spiral tree is tall and slim and can easily fit into small spaces. It features a beautiful spiral design which gives it a modern look.

Treat yourself to one of the many artificial plants, shrubs and trees we have on display in our branch. You won’t be disappointed.