Benefits of UVsilx Resistant Foliage VS Non UV treated Artificial Plants

 Artificial plants have rapidly grown to be more popular for commercial and private décor. But left to fend for themselves some artificial plants and foliage placed by windows, or where the sun shines brightly and directly onto them, inevitably causes irreparable damages and colour loss. As a business owner or home owner that’s looking to spruce up their office or home these inevitabilities are not something to look forward to.

Looking for a better option? Know how to choose from the best of the best in the market.

UVSilX Resistant Foliage

In the face of this issue the UVSilx artificial product range provides ultraviolet protection and resistance to the colour damaging consequence from extreme heat and direct light.

 Made with UV resistant materials and chemicals the UVSilx artificial product range are unlike any other artificial plants’ dependent on UV resistant sprays. Their premium grade materials are made to absorb harmful UV light, protecting the plastic’s colour and structure.

Their craftsmanship has been tirelessly tested for your benefit by independent official laboratories and have met the standard for multiple worldwide certificates.

They are the number one choice for many interior designers, landscapers and architects and have already been installed in both commercial and private properties with high appraisals.


With these amazing effects UVSilx products can be placed outdoors all year round without any worry. Whatever the weather you can expect our UVSilx products to still look as beautiful as the moment you bought them with minimum to little effort from you.

UV Protection Spray

An alternative (although not recommended) for the UVSilX resistant foliage are artificial plants reliant on sealants or UV protection sprays. This means that the protection layer is applied outside of the leaf and not inside the material.

This alternative only gives a temporary medium level of sun protection that will need to be re-applied every 6 months or on a need by need basis.

Non UV Treated Artificial Plants

Non UV treated artificial plants have no level of sun protection. They are bound to fade, crack and change colour. Be sure to ask your seller whether the plant is UV protected, it’s worth it if your looking to have long lasting green plants.