Artificial Christmas tree stunningly blends in a hotel elegant room

Christmas can be one of the busiest time of the year for hotels as more and more people are looking to travel during the holiday season. Since your guests have chosen to spend their important Christmas period with you, why not make sure you give them the best festive experience possible.

One of the easiest ways for your hotel to make a great impression at this time of year is to have a beautifully decorated Christmas tree welcoming your guests into your lobby. There’s nothing that puts you in the festive spirit more than the wow-factor of a large, well-decorated tree.

While you might be inclined to go for a real tree to enhance the authenticity of your Christmas welcome, there are many benefits of artificial trees for commercial use.

An artificial Christmas tree creates a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

Christmas can be a stressful time of year for many people, your guests included. Between shopping in the Christmas rush and dealing with potential family dramas, it’s important to remind people of how relaxing Christmas can be.

A great way to set up this comfortable Christmas atmosphere in your hotel is by setting up an artificial tree that people can gather near, somewhere prominent like your lobby. Your hotel bar could benefit from a beautiful tree as well, as guests might like to unwind and destress with a drink after a day of shopping.

Our Salzburg Spruce artificial tree comes with holly and red berries, giving you the authentic look you want from a real tree, while still sharing that warm Christmas feeling with your guests.

An artificial Christmas tree saves you time on maintenance.

Christmas isn’t just a stressful time for your guests. It can also be hard for your staff, and being able to help them with that stress will go a long way to making the season easier for your hotel.

One of the benefits of artificial Christmas trees over real ones is the fact that there’s little to no maintenance on them. This means that your staff won’t have to spend time watering your tree or cleaning up pine needles, and instead be able to focus on helping your guests enjoy their stay.

A real 15ft Kateson fir tree, while looking beautiful, could potentially be a nightmare for your staff who would have to maintain it and clean up after it every day. However, our Green Kateson Fir artificial tree eliminates the need for all of that maintenance without compromising on the look.

You still get the impressive size, as the synthetic version stands at 15ft, but without the hassle of having to sweep up needles once or twice a day like with a natural tree.

The thick, luscious green branches make it look just like the real deal, still giving your guests an unforgettable Christmas welcome to your hotel. It can be broken up into sections for storage, saving your staff even more energy once the season is done.

Festive environment in a hotel for kids on Christmas season

An Artificial Christmas tree is safer than a real tree

Fire safety can be a worry at this time of year, especially for hotels. A natural Christmas tree can ignite in seconds if left in the wrong environment, and with many hotel lobbies boasting beautiful fireplaces, especially at this time of year, it can be a hazard.

Using a faux Christmas tree instead minimises this risk. All of our Christmas trees are fire resistant and much less likely to catch fire. It’s important to place your tree in a safe space no matter what, but you have extra peace of mind with our artificial trees.

An artificial Christmas tree can make a great addition to your festive marketing.

The popularity of a hotel can have a lot to do with its image. Showing your business as embracing the Christmas spirit can go a long way to making you a popular Christmas destination.

A well-decorated Christmas tree can make the perfect backdrop for some social media photographs. Cheery pictures of happy guests or staff set against your beautifully adorned tree will make people want to come and see for themselves.

It’s not just your own photos that can benefit from an artificial tree, though. You could run a competition that gives guests the chance to win something like a hamper or a dinner if they take the best photo of the Christmas tree in your lobby. The more people you can get involved, the more people that will see your Christmas decorations and want to be part of your festive spirit.

A great artificial tree for creating a Christmas mood that people want to get involved with is our Ontario Spruce. It’s flocked with a snowy finish on the branches, and it features pine cones and red berries to create a winter wonderland that would make even Bing Crosby jealous.

An Artificial Christmas Tree saves you money

One of the best things about investing in a synthetic Christmas tree is that you can benefit from it year after year.

With a real tree, you have to replace it each Christmas and dispose of the old tree safely, adding extra cost and workload onto an already expensive and busy time of year. But with an artificial tree, you can simply take it out of its storage every year when it’s time to decorate your hotel, and put it back one the season is over.

An artificial Christmas tree is an excellent investment for a hotel as you get years of use with little maintenance. Our range of commercial Christmas trees come in sizes to suit any lobby or bar. So why not have a look at our showroom in Dunboyne and start creating your Christmas wonderland.