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  1. How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree Shape

    family enjoying their meal with an artificial Christmas tree

    Christmas is all about getting cosy with your family around your Christmas tree. Decorating it and filling it with presents is fun, but what about the tree itself? Having a Christmas tree that fits perfectly into its space makes all the difference to that festive feeling.

    You don’t want a tree that’s too tall or too wide, taking up all of your family’s space. But you don’t want a tiny tree that gets lost in the corner and forgotten about either. You want to get that Goldilocks feeling and know that your Christmas tree is just right.

    Having the perfect tree is all about choosing the right shape for your space. Here are some tips on how to choose the ideal Christmas tree sh

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  2. Why Cafes Should Choose Artificial Trees Over Real Trees

    Why Cafes Should Choose Artificial Trees Over Real Trees

    • They give your cafe a welcoming atmosphere
    • You don't need to worry about the season or the weather
    • You can change up the look of your plants easily
    • Artificial Trees are low maintenance
    • They are environmentally friendly
    • Artificial trees and plants don't trigger allergies
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