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30cm Topiary Buxus Ball PR (UV Protected)

30cm Topiary Buxus Ball PR (UV Protected)

120cm Topiary Buxus Spiral (UV)

120cm Topiary Buxus Spiral (UV)

50cm Topiary Buxus Ball (UV)

A realistic looking topiary ball. Save money on watering and maintenance on this realistic looking artificial tree.

  • 50cm in height
  • High-quality product
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Comes to be fully assembled
  • Robust and long lasting
  • Suitable for indoor use only

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Topiary, the art of clipping, pruning and trimming trees to create a defined shape or desired form...Edward Scissorhands, a Topiary master-craftsman, albeit a fictional one from the classic fairy tale movie from Hollywood, starring Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands....where's this all leading I hear you murmur?

...Well, gives you the opportunity to proudly show off Edward Scissorhands-like creations in your very own home or garden for you, your family and all your friends to wonder at and enjoy!

There is something about trees that holds an enduring fascination for us...their own power to help create the oxygen needed for us to inhabit our home planet Earth...but also a magical and mystical quality that these living sentinels of our planet possess...

..they have endured since time began and continue to nourish and protect our home planet, providing oxygen, reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and standing as symbols of serene beauty that enhance our planet.

A source of enduring fascination for peoples throughout the ages from the Romans to the Indian tribes of North America for whom the mighty Redwood has always held a special be wonderment. offers a huge range of artificial trees, that come fully "clipped, pruned and trimmed" and ready to take their proud place in your home, patio or garden, providing all the serene beauty of a natural tree without any maintenance, up-keep or additional cost!

Trees are known to increase property values, and your Artificial Topiary Cedar Ball tree will add richly to the appearance and splendour of your home or garden...maybe even increasing the monetary value as well for those who won't be able to tell it apart from the real thing!

The Artificial Topiary Cedar Ball tree is a tree with a bark of real natural wood, with leaves and a form skillfully modelled on the popular Boxwood tree, a favourite in the Topiary art.

With its natural bark and natural-looking leaves that number more than 1,700, the Topiary Cedar Ball looks supremely life-like with a texture, a form and a fullness that radiates an authentic and enduring life-like quality.

This impressive Artificial Topiary Cedar Tree is packed full with real-life looking artificial leaves which are UV light proof, ensuring a rich green covering, even outdoors, for a source of beauty and enjoyment that will stand the test of time.

The Artificial Topiary Cedar Ball Tree is maintenance free saving you time and money, with no leaves to sweep and tidy. It is an enduring piece of beauty, exuding a colour, brightness and serenity that will richly enhance your house, patio, lawn, yard or garden!

Coming fully "assembled" and fully crafted with beautifully attractive colour and form, this most real looking of artificial trees will have you experiencing all the feelings you associate with natural trees...

...the look, the feel, the aesthetics and the ability to reach deep within you as a source of tranquil beauty and comfort will all be very real to we're sure it will be for your family, friends and neighbours and colleagues as well!

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