6 ft (180 cm) Variegated Ficus Artificial Tree

  • 6 feet in height
  • Variegated Ficus Tree
  • High-quality product
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Comes to be fully assembled
  • Robust and long lasting
  • Suitable for indoor use only
Regular Price €139.95 Special Price €129.95

There's nothing quite like the serene elegance and beauty that emanates from trees. They provide us, both consciously and unconsciously, with an unrivalled sense of peace and tranquility that beautifully counteracts the stresses and strains of modern living.

The 6 Foot Artificial Ficus Tree is an eye-catching impressive, beautifully crafted artificial tree after the Ficus line of wooded trees which include the revered Fig tree, a symbol of religious and cultural importance and enlightenment in Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity and of fertility in ancient Cyprus. Adam and Eve used a Ficus tree to hide their nakedness, strategically placing fig leaves to cover their modesty and we're positive that whilst eating an apple will not force eviction out of your own garden...putting a 6 Foot Tall Artificial Ficus Tree will most definitely help cover up any "nakedness" in your home, conservatory, patio, yard, lawn, office, restaurant or hotel!

With its strikingly distinct shape, and skillfully hand-crafted authentic looking foliage, it is very hard to tell the 6 Foot Artificial Ficus Tree apart from the real thing! 

The bark and the branches of this wonderful 6 Foot Ficus are of a beautiful natural wood and with 1,248 variegated artificial leaves cut and shaped with great attention to detail, the natural bark and fullness of the foliage will without doubt impress and delight. 

Strong and robust and coming fully assembled, the convenience factor of the 6 Foot Artificial Ficus is unmistakable, not to mention the time and money saving that comes from no maintenance.

UV light proof, this tree is equally suitable for outdoors and indoors and will delightfully enrich any surrounding with that tranquil beauty and serenity that only trees can provide. We're sure that the 6 Feet Artificial Ficus Tree will add to the beauty of wherever you choose to place it, and we're equally as sure that it will make you smile, warm your spirit and add a little something to your life in a subtle, serene and soothing way. 

Beautiful to look at with authentic looking features, no maintenance costs and great value for money, the 6 Foot Artificial Ficus Tree will stand proudly and gracefully as an invaluable source of beauty in any home, garden or work environment.