5 ft (150 cm) Japanese Maple Green Artificial Tree (Fire Resistant)

5 ft. Artificial Japanese Maple Green Tree.

  • 5 feet in height
  • Japanese Maple Tree
  • High-quality product
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Comes to be fully assembled
  • Robust and long lasting
  • Suitable for indoor use only
Regular Price €179.95 Special Price €169.95

Japanese maple, Acer Palmatum or sometimes also referred to as the smooth Japanese maple, is, as the name would imply, native to Japan, but also can be found in abundance throughout China, eastern Mongolia and the south-east of Russia. Even in our Irish gardens the Japanese maple will do very well having first arrived circa 1800.

The artificial green Japanese maple is 5ft tall and is ideally suited for use indoors as it is fire retardant. The artificial maple belongs to a group known as NTT (natural timber trunk) making it incredibly realistic looking and perfect for instant landscaping.

Our “FIRESILX” Inherently Fire retardant foliage which has been certified to BS5852 as well as numerous other Country wide tests is always extremely popular and we have again increased this range. The Fire proofing of these products come with a lifetime guarantee giving you the confidence needed to install these products without worry. Remember these products are inherently treated and not sprayed on at a later date. All certificates are freely available.

Avoid the risk of fire and protect your business by offering guests, customers and staff a stunning yet safe environment with FireSilx inherently fire retardant foliage.

With an incredibly realistic appearance, premium quality materials and fire retardant properties guaranteed for life, FireSilx trees, plants and foliage are the number one choice for architects, landscapers and interior designers looking to add a special touch to any project. Businesses all over the world have chosen FireSilx, adding a unique atmosphere to everything from shopping malls and hotels to theme parks and casinos.

All FireSilx products have been tested to meet worldwide FR standards. Our fireproof foliage is created using flame-resistant materials and chemicals during the manufacturing process. We never use sprays or dips post-manufacture so there is no need to reproof yearly and we guarantee no sticky, oily or greasy films.

Put safety first without compromising on quality by choosing FireSilx foliage for your next project.