4.5 ft (135 cm) Bay Laurel Ball (NTT) Artificial Tree

  • High Quality Bay Laurel Ball Tree
  • Natural Tree Trunk finish with single stem
  • UV light-proof
  • Fully assembled when supplied
  • Robust and long lasting
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Perfect for contract and commercial use
  • Two Year Warranty

A popular ornamental and topiary plant of the Mediterranean region, "Laurus Nobilis" also known as "Laurel" or "Sweet Bay" has had an unbelievably wide-ranging cultural impact throughout the ages.

Featuring prominently in ancient Greek and Roman cultures, the "Laurus Nobilis" or "Sweet Bay" is the source of the original Laurel Wreath.

It's uses and impact in the world are wide-ranging; the aromatic leaves are used as a herb and spice to flavour culinary dishes including Italian pasta, it is popular in alternative medicine, it is also the source of the title when you graduate college of "Baccalaureate" and is the origin of the well-known phrase "resting on one's laurels!

Standing 4/5 Feet Tall, the Artificial Sweet Bay Ball Tree is, therefore, a descendant of one of the most culturally significant and celebrated tree lines in history!

With its tidy and attractive topiary ball style, the 4 Feet Artificial Sweet Bay Ball Tree has a subtle yet significance presence. It will enhance any surroundings with an old-world type classically cultural vibe!

The bark and branches of this wonderful creation are of a beautiful natural wood. The skillfully cut and crafted leaves brilliantly mimic the richly aromatic and glossy leaves of it's natural cousin.

The life-like leaves are UV resistant which makes the 4.5 Feet Artificial Sweet Bay Ball Tree absolutely suited to the outdoors, and it looks fabulous on a porch, a patio or in the garden.

Indoors too, this classically styled tree's uplifting effect is unmistakable. A home or an office with a 4 Feet Artificial Sweet Bay is a place of beauty and high culture.

The 4.5 Feet Artificial Sweet Bay Ball Tree comes fully assembled, requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep and will stand proudly year after year due to its quality.

A breath of fresh air and old-worldliness are the hallmark of this fantastic creation....and we're sure you'll never tire of telling your neighbours, friends and colleagues the intriguingly rich and colourful history of the wonderful "Laurus Nobilis"!