1m x 1m Shutter Grass Hibiscus Wall Panel

1m x 1m Shutter Grass Hibiscus Wall Panel

Each Tile Panel 100 cm x 100 cm x 6 cm

Please note that this product is currently out of stock until the end of July 2019. Any orders place before then will be shipped during the first week in August.

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The Wonder-Wall Shutter Grass wall panel is part of the Wonder-Wall interlocking panel set. These panels are available as 1m x 1m panels which can be simply clipped together to cover unsightly walls, fences or sheds. The perfect solution for low light areas where real plants might not thrive.

This panel features a number of different styles of grass in order to give a mixed natural effect to the finished wall panel. You can see Ivy's, Ferns and Grasses mixed into this panel as well as P.E moulded Hibiscus leaves and silk flowers.

Featuring a construction of plastic lattice with PE moulded leaves for enhanced realism. and a 5 year guarantee against UV degradation.

All Wonder-Wall panels and trellises can be trimmed down to fit awkward spaces and curves. The back of each panel comes with a series of holes throughout the plastic framework so you can easily insert screws, nails, cable ties, wire, string, staples from a gun or fashion your own method to secure it.